The Alliance for Open Competition is a group of entrepreneurs, employees, investors and executives dedicated to fostering innovation throughout the US. We seek to breakdown a major barrier to entrepreneurialism: the use of non-competition agreements mandated by employers that force employees to sign away their rights to engage in any business of a competitive nature when they leave their present jobs.

Today California does not enforce employee non-compete agreements except in the specific case of a merger or acquisition. We agree with that position.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts, New York and Washington are among dozens of other states that still enforce non-compete clauses.

We believe that employment non-competes are stifling the emergence of start-up companies in these states, forcing innovative entrepreneurs to take on tremendous legal and financial risks, and hampering the ability to meet our fullest economic potential as a nation.

To be clear, we do support non disclosure agreements and non-solicitation agreements. The Alliance is opposed to non-compete agreements. They are different issues.

Please sign this petition if you support our efforts to ban employee non-compete agreements. (It doesn’t matter if you live in Massachusetts)

Thanks for your support and please spread the word!



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