Yahoo employees lucky that they don’t have non-competes

The exodus at Yahoo has been happening for some time now.

Before Microsoft formally announced their takeover bid, they were actively recruiting Yahoo employees. 

There is still a lot of great talent at Yahoo. Josh at First Round blogs today about his ad campaign targeted at Yahoo folks looking to join a startup.

Big companies often don’t work out for everyone. Sometimes the big company may end up losing itself as well. And you should be able to take your domain experience and move elsewhere without the restriction of a non-compete clause. 

Another recent example: check out this post from VentureBeat about Meebo hiring a senior person from Yahoo’s Messenger. 

I’m sure those folks at Yahoo are happy they don’t have to deal with non-compete agreements like employees here in MA/NY/WA and elsewhere have to deal with.

And VCs should be happy about that too. It’s important to the startup ecosystem and the market as a whole.

Let’s get rid of non-compete clauses everywhere. 


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